genus Entoloma

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agarics with pink spores but lacking both volva and annulus (includes some that are poisonous)

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She looked grudgingly at the novel which had once caused her perhaps an hour's discomfort, so that she had never opened it again, but kept it on her table, and looked at it occasionally, as some medieval monk kept a skull, or a crucifix to remind him of the frailty of the body.
Well," she conceded grudgingly, "Jane Andrews is home from the West -- came last week -- and she's going to be married to a Winnipeg millionaire.
Perhaps not," the Inspector declared, "but, on the other hand, there are certain questions which you can answer me,--answer them, I mean, not grudgingly and as though in duty bound,--answer them intelligently, and with some apprehension of the things which lie behind.
He did this grudgingly however, and retained most of his big enterprises of his own.
The men who happened to pass him on the footpath said "Good-morning" grudgingly.
It's something,' admitted Lady Wetherby, grudgingly.
Then the wretched boy looked cautiously up and found her gone, crept out of bed, fastened his door, and threw himself upon his pillow again: tearing his hair, morosely crying, grudgingly loving her, hatefully but impenitently spurning himself, and no less hatefully and unprofitably spurning all the good in the world.
Saving an occasional burst of impatience, or coarse assertion of his mastery, his good-humour remained to him, but it had now a sordid alloy of distrust; and though his eyes should twinkle and all his face should laugh, he would sit holding himself in his own arms, as if he had an inclination to hoard himself up, and must always grudgingly stand on the defensive.