genus Echinops

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genus of Mediterranean and Eurasian herbs: globe thistles

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And also the results from the present study have reported the scientific basis for traditional uses of the genus Echinops in the treatment of some illness.
A review of the Genus Echinops (Composite, Craude) in Ethiopia with notes on phytogeography and Chemistry.
The genus Echinops, belongs to the family Asteraceae and comprises over 120 species, of which 12 are known to occur in Ethiopia.
The genus Echinops is one of the taxa with well-characterized alkaloids within the Asteraceae family.
Some species of the genus Echinops are known to have use in Ethiopian herbal medicine.
In Ethiopian traditional medicine some species of the genus Echinops have been used to treat migraine, diarrhea, heart pain, different forms of infection, worm infestation, hemorrhoid and other ailments (Dawit and Ahadu, 1993).
Also, other species of the diverse genus Echinops should be screened for their molluscicidal activities.