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The zooplankton groups were differently related to transparency: rotifers showed positive correlations for May and June, and copepods as well as the genus Daphnia showed negative correlations for June.
The genus Daphnia (Crustacea: Branchipoda) includes a diversity of species that are generalist grazers on plankton in freshwater lakes.
The present study builds upon these earlier efforts by examining patterns of gene frequency divergence among members of the genus Daphnia in a more mature landscape - the southeastern quadrant of the Australian continent.
Populations of large herbivorous zooplankters of the genus Daphnia are long since known for their tendency to oscillate (e.
In freshwater, calcium-rich lakes of the midwest United States, and Michigan in particular, 3-4 species of the crustacean genus Daphnia often coexist or replace one another seasonally (Woltereck 1932, Lane 1975, Threlkeld 1979, Cipolla 1980, Dorazio et al.
In general, within the genus Daphnia, offspring that are heavier and larger have a greater resistance of starvation (Tessier and Consolatti 1989, Gliwicz and Guisande 1992, Enserink et al.
In particular, cladocerans of the genus Daphnia have been studied in terms of life history variation and genetic patterns (Wolf 1987, Muller and Seitz 1993, Weider 1993).