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type genus of Cycadaceae: genus of widely distributed Old World evergreen tropical trees having pinnate leaves and columnar stems covered with persistent bases of old leaves

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South Africa (b) Encephalartos cycadifolius a semi-subterranean-stemmed, fine-leaved grassland species endemic to the Eastern Cape, South Africa (e) A subterranean-stemmed species--Encephalartos villosus--endemic to South Africa and Swaziland (d) Encephalartos horridus--a dwarf arborescent, so-called "blue leaf' species endemic to the Eastern Cape, South Africa (e) Stangeria eriopus--a subterranean-stemmed cycad endemic to grasslands and forests of South Africa and southern Mozambique (f) Cycas thouarsii--the only representative of the genus Cycas on the African continent.
A taxonomic revision of the genus Cycas (Cycadaceae) in Australia.
The genus Cycas was first recorded from Vietnam by de Loureiro
Notes: When Linneaus originally described the genus Cycas he
A new species of the genus Cycas from Hainan Island,