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In oysters of the genus Crassostrea, an individual can be male or female depending upon the environmental conditions (Wakamatsu 1973; Nascimento, unpubl.
Previous studies of hybridization within the genus Crassostrea have produced mixed results.
As part of a larger study of the fertilization kinetics of oysters of the genus Crassostrea, noted for their aggregative settlement and subsequent close proximity during the adult spawning events, we sought to describe sperm swimming speeds.
Chomata can be a useful character to distinguish the genus Crassostrea from Ostrea, as Crassostrea are believed to lack this character (Harry 1985).
1993), with as many as nine of those species in the genus Crassostrea (Lato & Morton 2003 and references therein).
The genus Crassostrea was later separated from Ostrea based on several morphologic differences including the open or closed state of the promyal passage (Ahmed 1971, Ahmed 1975, Glude 1971, Stenzel 1971).
Discrimination of nine oyster species of the genus Crassostrea based on restriction fragment-length polymorphism (RFLP) analysis of nuclear and mitocbondrial DNA markers.
Of these, 12,059 entries are for the genus Crassostrea, composed mainly of 2,870 sequences for C.