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The genus Clostridium is a phylogenetically heterogeneous group of anaerobic, endospore-forming, rod-shaped bacteria; they are usually gram positive, but some species may stain gram variable or gram negative (1,2).
Members of genus Clostridium are Gram-positive, spore-forming rods that are anaerobic.
The genus Clostridium is an anaerobic, endo-spore forming bacteria that is highly pathogenic and has been associated with serious diseases such as botulism, tetanus and gangrene.
Specificity of the PCR assay was evaluated using several isolates belonging to the genus Clostridium and other isolates belonging to other genera.
To the Editor: Bacterial species of the genus Clostridium are anaerobic or aerotolerant, gram-positive, endospore-forming bacilli found in the soil and gut of humans and other animals.