genus Cecropia

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large genus of tropical American trees that yield a bast fiber used for cordage and bark used in tanning

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Ant-plants, such as Central America's bull-horn acacias and trees of the genus Cecropia, have hollow structures--thorns and internodes in their hollow stems, respectively--in which ants form their colonies.
Plants of the genus Cecropia are also related to the early phases of succession (Brokaw 1987, Whitmore 1989, Alvarez-Buylla and Martinez-Ramos 1992, Castellani and Stubbebline 1993).
The Cecropiaceae family includes six genuses, the most important of them is the genus Cecropia formed by ca 75 tropical species usually found in lowlands, around dense forests, lakes and recently devastated areas.
The genus Cecropia includes more than 80 species and ranges from tropical Mexico to middle South America.
Chemical studies of the genus Cecropia detected aminoacids and sugars (Neidlein and Koch, 1980), 8-methyl-azabicyclo (1,2,3) octane (Villar et al.