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A meiotic study of the wild and semi-domesticated Brazilian species of genus Capsicum L.
a) 'chilli' means fruits of the genus Capsicum dried and crushed or ground falling within CN Code 0904 20 90, in whatever form, intended for human consumption;
Pepper plants in the genus Capsicum produce capsaicin in glands located inside the pepper at the meeting point of the placenta and the pod.
Chilli plants belong to the genus Capsicum of which there are more than 200 varieties.
Two hundred and sixty-one accessions of the genus Capsicum were obtained from the Colombian Amazonian germplasm bank at Amazonian Institute of Scientific Research (Sinchi) and were evaluated with five polymorphic enzymatic systems, including esterase (EST), peroxidase (PRX), 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase (6-PGDH), aspartate amino transferase (GOT), and malic enzyme (ME).
A survey of DNA polymorphism within the genus Capsicum and the fingerprinting of pepper cultivars.
Although the genus Capsicum is an important food and spice crop the world over, an accurate picture of the taxonomy of this New World genus is 'a work in progress.
The genus Capsicum and species annuum includes most peppers grown in the U.
The species of the genus Capsicum presented large genetic variability and have being used for different purposes, mainly as condiment, but the marketing as potted ornamental plants has increased in the past decade (STOMMEL & BOSLAND, 2006).
6) Chilis, a product of the nightshade family, solanaceae, of the genus capsicum, are native to the southern Brazilian highlands and were already being consumed by humans almost 10,000 years ago.
The genus Capsicum includes the peppers and chilies, has a great nutritional and economic value, and is widely grown in the whole world (HILL et al.