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Whereas the genus Camponotus showed the highest species richness (four species) and C.
Ants in the genus Camponotus are collectively known as carpenter ants because some species nest in wood and can be serious economic pests.
Some species of the genus Camponotus are not true carpenter ants, say Hansen (biology, Spokane Falls Community College, Washington) and Klotz (entomology, U.
data), indicating the ant-bacterial association is evolutionarily stable and at least as old as the genus Camponotus (>20 MY; Wilson, 1985) if not even older.
This characteristic has already been observed in the different ant groups, like those of the subgenera Myrmothrix and Myrmamblys in genus Camponotus (Formicinae) (Mariano et al.
The genus Camponotus Mayr, 1861 is one of the richest in species within the family Formicidae, comprising about a thousand described species with worldwide distribution ranging from the northern temperate to the tropical south (Fernandez 2003) and they are easily found in the Brazilian territory (Loureiro & Queiroz 1990).