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Juveniles of several species of pit vipers in the genus Bothrops have disruptive camouflaging colours and use tail-luring while foraging for ectothermic prey, mostly frogs (e.
Muscle necrosis is one of the most prominent symptoms caused by these venoms, especially those of the genus Bothrops, and leads to permanent tissue loss and sometimes to amputation of the affected limb (Gutierrez and Lomonte, 1995).
2]) isolated from snakes of the genus Bothrops belong to group II and can be divided into two subclasses: (1) Asp49 myotoxins, with moderate catalytic activity, and (2) Lys49 myotoxins, with no hydrolytic activity on artificial substrates (Gutierrez and Lomonte, 1997; Ownby et al.
Frequently, they are mistaken by snakes in the genus Bothrops (La Marca and Soriano 2004, Lotzkat 2007), perhaps due to some similarity in color pattern, the behavior of raising the head and the anterior part of the body, the flattening of the head that enhances the squamose (temporal) bones and give the head a more triangular shape, the vertical elliptic pupil, and the dark band behind each eye.