genus Australopithecus

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Lucy, whose partial skeleton was discovered 20 years earlier just 45 miles away, thrived a million years after Ardi and was of the more human-like genus Australopithecus.
The discovery of the Taung child's skull in South Africa in 1925 led to the classification of small-brain protohumans in the genus Australopithecus and set in motion this century's explorations of human origins in Africa.
Goodman's controversial theory also folds other ancient apelike ancestors into the Homo lineage, including the 3-million- to 4-million-year-old genus Australopithecus.
Kenyanthropus would have existed at the same time as the well-established hominid genus Australopithecus.
afarensis was seen by many paleoanthropologists as leading, in one direction, through three progressively larger species: africanus, robustus and boisei, which marked the end of the genus Australopithecus.