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The genus Amaranthus provides fascinating material for geneticists to work with.
Hybridization among different species has been widely reported within the genus Amaranthus (Saue.
The potential interspecific transfer of EPSPS gene amplification and glyphosate resistance within the genus Amaranthus has considerable evolutionary and agronomic significance (Gaines et al.
Kigel (1994) has compiled much of the available information on seed biology of the genus Amaranthus, including research on effects of light (Oladiran & Mumford, 1985; Gutterman et al.
2010), indicating that this behaviour of seeds kept in soil is characteristic of the genus Amaranthus.
However, Genus Amaranthus consists of some of the troublesome invasive or noxious weeds of the world which are known to compete with many economic crops in different parts of the world resulting in great yield losses.
Cytomorphological and phylogenetic studies of the genus Amaranthus from Nigeria.