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AIXTRON and Genus employ over 550 employees worldwide.
We agreed to this transaction only after being assured that Genus clients would continue to receive the same high quality service to which they are accustomed," Jones said.
About Genus Technologies Genus Technologies is the leader in Enterprise Content Management (ECM)-based video and digital asset management solutions and services.
The Genus smart meter will connect to a Corinex SmartGrid Powerline Concentrator embedded with SmartGrid functionalities.
The two species described earlier were larger, attaining sizes of 10-11 mm, but the genus still represents the most miniaturized group of tetrapods in the world.
A single genus Solenocera was identified in the present study (Table 1).
The researchers propose a new genus called Rungwecebus.
Its body characteristics and DNA place the species in a new genus, located on the family tree close to baboons, Davenport and his collaborators report in an upcoming Science.
Four of them consist of diverse associations but are dominated by species belonging to a single genus, which co-occur with several subordinate genera and a bunch of rare taxa.
Vertebrate viruses belonging to the family Reoviridae and having 12-segmented dsRNA genomes at one time were classified in the genus Coltivirus (Colorado tick virus [CTFV]).
Designed, developed and manufactured at the company's Prescot factory, the new Genus multi-function built-in double oven will cook food perfectly up to four times faster than conventional ovens, the firm claims.
The present study presents data about the embryological characters of Jovibarba heuffeli Schott as a representative of the genus, for further understanding of its embryology and the phylogenetic/taxonomic relationship to the genus Sempervivum within potential confirmation of the taxonomic affiliation of the genus Jovibarba to the Crassulaceae.
VDC has accepted a higher cash offer from Crewe-based Genus which values the veterinary products supplier at pounds 25.
A jaw bone found in Ethiopia is the oldest positively dated fossil in the immediate human family and suggests that the earliest members of that group, genus Homo, may have been the world's first toolmakers.
OTCPK:CSYT) (ComSynTech), a developer of radiology information management systems and document preservation technology, announced today that it has agreed to license its proprietary CDV Document Vault to Genus Corporation of Warwickshire, UK.