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Synonyms for genuflect

bend the knees and bow in church or before a religious superior or image

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bend the knees and bow in a servile manner


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from the sitting position : * deep, slow genuflexions and vertical jumps; 7.
Les femmes qui ont eu un avortement doivent lire des prieres, faire 10 genuflexions tous les soirs et tous les matins pendant un an, donner des aumones pour l'esprit de l'enfant non ne et allumer une torche.
Apparently the Japanese plenipotentiary had come to see him 'beslobbering me with genuflexions and obsequious deference' to say that he had persuaded both Smuts and Cecil to vote for the racial equality clause the next day.
It is free from genuflexions to fashionable theorists but calmly accepts thinking of the last thirty years on gender, patriarchy, carnival, the body, sexuality, and the theatre after Brecht.
Apparemment, l'attention qu'il porte a l'etiquette l'a conduit a preferer l'option inverse, singulative, celle qui consiste a ne pas craindre la repetition en disant ici les genuflexions et les benedictions autant de fois qu'elles se sont produites (18)
Yet, for all its self-consciousness, heavy-handed irony, chatty style and iterative genuflexions to Lacan and Derrida (and footnoted apologies for the odd 'misleadingly convoluted formulation' of his own (p.