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Synonyms for genuflect

bend the knees and bow in church or before a religious superior or image

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bend the knees and bow in a servile manner


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Other panelists gushed over Bush's "virility," with genuflections toward the "Mission Accomplished" landing on the deck of the USS Lincoln.
ANNELIESE licked her own urine from the floor, smashed religious images and statues, and performed hundreds of genuflections each day, damaging her knees so much that she couldn't stand.
Official genuflections in the direction of multiculturalism notwithstanding, the British assume that their tastes, almost always for the most debased products of their increasingly derivative material culture, are universal; they are multiculturalists only in the sense that they believe everyone has the duty to put up with them, because public drunkenness and aggression are part of the culture, and all cultures and therefore all modes of conduct are by definition equal and thus permissible.
The media seem more fascinated by Tim Tebow's gridiron genuflections than by the threat from nuclear weapons.
No, this is just a publicity stunt that amuses Trump and makes the Fourth Estate look ridiculous in its constant genuflections to celebrity.
Acclamations and chants, vessels and vestments, genuflections and bows, postures and gestures all find mention in the General Instruction of the Roman Missal.
The current version of the pyramid has also been criticized for its seeming genuflections to special interests, such as the prominence of dairy products, which are not necessarily essential to a healthy diet (as the health of many of those who abstain from dairy products attests).
And even if these occasional genuflections to the Founders are really just for show, the very fact that they're made may be a more important clue to the content of our law than the supposedly inconsistent results.
Not by massaging any bloated militant egos with genuflections and mollycoddlings.
And the sad part is that Sreesanth has to be mealy mouthed and unctuous and make those embarrassing verbal genuflections to the mighty officials who are practically sociopathic in the pleasure they are getting from watching the player wriggle on their hook.
One can see how this would readily evolve into three genuflections.
JOHN Craven, doyen of BBC's Countryfile, dug mineshafts with his tugged forelock and mental genuflections as he kow-towed to Prince Charles on rural matters.
One may find a group of well-dressed elderly folk mumbling their way through a 1662 Holy Communion, or a church so filled with bells, smells and genuflections that even a Renaissance Pope might wonder whether things were not going slightly over the top.
If we literary critics thought more like novelists and less like historians or sociologists, perhaps we might begin to see that the fifties consisted of more than Angry Young Men or deferential genuflections in bicycle clips.