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Synonyms for genuflection

an inclination of the head or body, as in greeting, consent, courtesy, submission, or worship

Synonyms for genuflection

the act of bending the knees in worship or reverence


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Apparently, after the revisions of Vatican II, the triple genuflection is no longer done.
In this regard, Imam Ali (a) states that the cry of the rooster is his prayer, and the flapping of his wings is his genuflection and prostration [8].
It is not surprising that a search of Schmidt/de Chardin returns his 20 April 2013 article on Earth Day at Theology in the Vineyard: de Chardin is praised as a prophetic pioneer; he speaks of a necessary genuflection to Earth.
Nevertheless, her gesture of genuflection may be remembered as symbolic as the famous "kniefall" by West German Chancellor Willy Brandt before a monument to the Nazi-era Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in a show of deep penance in 1970.
He shared the significance of the different liturgical colors, explained the purpose of each genuflection, and drew attention to the meaning of our prayers and songs.
Horse racing's quivering genuflection to Sheikh Mohammed during the doping scandal has been truly repulsive.
The assumption of cultural assimilation is hard at work in the urban post-apartheid school, albeit with multicultural genuflection to the newer incoming kids' backgrounds.
Finding a better answer does not exactly require deep genuflection.
Upon considered reflection, it may be that those values statements that refer to "respect" as a core value do so as a genuflection to political correctness.
In a cross between a genuflection and a two-fingered touchdown gesture from American football, two crew members on the carrier's flight deck gave a green light to the pilot of a Chinese J-15 fighter jet who succeeded in the country's first take-off and landing maneuver from such a vehicle.
Nevertheless, the decree does not relegate the sacrament to something demanding mere genuflection.
Most of them have only their DNA ( their caste affiliations) and/ or their talent for genuflection to thank for their official status.
The store has retained the original name of the site, but the words 'Hurst Park' in big black letters on the rear wall are no more than a tired genuflection to times past, no more than a mnemonic to those of a certain age.
115) Yet this genuflection to the 'men of the people' belied Labor's sophisticated organisation and reality that its skilful politicians simply out-politicked their rivals.
The Gillard legislative reform program retained key aspects of Work Choices and its genuflection to managerial power and obeisance to the mantra of property rights is exhibited by the retention of the ban on pattern bargaining and restrictions on strikes and union right of entry.