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Synonyms for genuflection

an inclination of the head or body, as in greeting, consent, courtesy, submission, or worship

Synonyms for genuflection

the act of bending the knees in worship or reverence


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And no Ashes series here at home can pass without reflection, if not genuflection, to Ian Botham's incomparable unbeaten 149 at Headingley in 1981 that turned the tide in a series won 3-1 by Brearley's England.
From the histogram of the genuflection probe and other statistical aspects (such as the correlation coefficient) result that the probe is not convincing for the predictive pattern of the spear throwing probe.
After all the huffing and puffing, a grievance, multiple lawsuits and public threats, followed by the inevitable apology, seemingly scripted contrition and never-ending genuflection, A-Rod was back with the Yankees, in pinstripes, in front of the not-quite-adoring but forever-forgiving fans on a sunny Opening Day.
However the genuflection towards growth at all costs is a mistake the Green Party will be relentless in pointing out.
The title track has the incessant rhythm of a laser train while Genuflection sounds like bamboo lasers.
2: CURATED BY JAY SANDERS) As David Velasco so eloquently put it in these pages: "In the wild, singular, stylish, alloyed land of Sarah Michelson, you don't surrender to the genuflection of the bow.
But the whole of his project slumped into futility in the face of his genuflection to his American overlords.
In his conclusion he makes the obligatory genuflection to Orwell's essay Politics and The English Language, and his book covers some of the same ground as Howard Becker's book Writing for Social Scientists (1986), though it's less of a cheery how-to guide for students and more a how-not-to guide for tenured dons, with Becker's aw-shucks folksiness replaced by Billig's deadpan mordancy.
The realities of the Church were modelled after the realities of the empire: the genuflection and the kissing of the feet.
It is not surprising that a search of Schmidt/de Chardin returns his 20 April 2013 article on Earth Day at Theology in the Vineyard: de Chardin is praised as a prophetic pioneer; he speaks of a necessary genuflection to Earth.
Nevertheless, her gesture of genuflection may be remembered as symbolic as the famous "kniefall" by West German Chancellor Willy Brandt before a monument to the Nazi-era Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in a show of deep penance in 1970.
He shared the significance of the different liturgical colors, explained the purpose of each genuflection, and drew attention to the meaning of our prayers and songs.
Horse racing's quivering genuflection to Sheikh Mohammed during the doping scandal has been truly repulsive.
But so is the act of genuflection or an organ voluntary or an elaborately carved font or a church building.
Upon considered reflection, it may be that those values statements that refer to "respect" as a core value do so as a genuflection to political correctness.