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Synonyms for genuflect

bend the knees and bow in church or before a religious superior or image

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bend the knees and bow in a servile manner


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And yes, the FA were absolutely wrong to genuflect to the demands of TV and play the game at 5.
We homeowners didn't know when we bought our homes that we had to genuflect to the ``Studio City Residents Association'' in order to get anything done in our neighborhood or get through to Greuel's office.
In the Catholic Church we genuflect and kneel to indicate, by bodily attitude, a total submission of our minds and hearts to the true Presence of Christ.
Though historically sensitive and accurate in their analyses, the authors do not genuflect to the historicizing tendencies of current Renaissance scholarship.
Remember, Tharp's 1985 outing on Broadway, when she directed and choreographed Singin' in the Rain, did not cause theater critics to genuflect.
But slap a halo around the same measure and Byrd expects everyone to genuflect and vote yea.
Personally, I bow down every time I see an Old Navy and genuflect.
Tripping from bar to banquette to bar, killing the seconds of a sweaty afternoon when the river breeze will not genuflect at the cathedral, when the memories of old Count No-Count shimmer in the aroma of Dixie-45, Regal, Jax, and Tennessee's fate-burnt bourbon across the square like a Puritan epiphany, when a second-line of jazz fingers their hearts like hands exploring private spaces in the cool of dawn, they fear their secret lives will be drawn and quartered by the moralities of the little theatre, paraded in off-beat mardi gras, never again to know the masque of smoked shadows, the forbidden bonded in hard liquor and blooming like a rose tattoo under the skin, the iron kiss of suddenness breaking the mouth of surprise.
The media genuflect at the altars of their benefactors and tobacco advertising revenue is a consistent source of their income, particularly outside of the U.
The long-travel suspension makes the nose genuflect under hard braking, although ABS as standard and optional traction control will stop even ham-fisted jockeys coming to grief.
I should pass it and genuflect but I don't, I kind of try to avoid it.
Thatcher's legacy meant that her successors felt obliged to genuflect to Murdoch, as the Leveson inquiry has sadly discovered.
I've never quite understood why 16 aspiring tycoons, some with businesses of their own, feel the need to genuflect and bow down before him as contestants in a reality show in the hope that they will genuflect and bow down before him as subordinates in his business empire.
IF YOU happen to be travelling by train to London on October 29, be prepared to genuflect.
But there were also two works by a composer to whom all the aforesaid should genuflect for his economy and allusiveness: the Symphony and Five Pieces by Anton Webern, a genius with so much to offer when his life was cut short by a trigger-happy American.