genu valgum

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an inward slant of the thigh

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She had a maternal half-sister who was 12 years old and healthy and the patient also had a younger 2-year-old full sister who had started to show the same signs of widening of the leg bones and genu valgum.
As mentioned previously, alterations in the coronal plane can have profound effects on the quadriceps angle, and these often can be visualized with the patient standing; they include genu valgum, a bayonet tibia, squinting or inward facing patellae, and the miserable malalignment syndrome.
Genu valgum (knock knees) is when the tibia is bent away from the midline of the patient in relation to the knee joint.
Co-morbidities due to early type 2 diabetes such as heart disease, early kidney disease, stoke, hypertension, skeletal deformities genu valgum, stress fractures, Charcot arthropathy, increase incidence of cancer, staetohepatitis (fatty liver), and others will result in a society of young disabled individuals.
Knock-knees - or genu valgum to use the medical term - are rarely anything to worry about.
Foot orthoses can decrease pain associated with patellar-femoral pain syndrome (addressing genu valgum and hyperpronation) and low back pain.