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renovate so as to make it conform to middle-class aspirations

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In this article I consider a measure of gentrification based on neighborhood home values, and examine how this measure correlates with changes in credit scores and debt delinquency measures in gentrifying neighborhoods.
This article explores how the disparate cultures found in gentrifying neighborhoods clash in schools, and the pivotal role school leaders play in determining whether integration succeeds or fails, based on their ability and willingness to bridge the two worlds.
As an issue, it's very visible, especially in gentrifying areas, like Bucktown, where people want to eradicate prostitution from their neighborhoods because of the way it's affecting their property values and their experience of their million-dollar homes.
But don't focus on the title: concentrate on the mechanics, because the term is also evolving As traditional urban centers are gentrifying, urban is broadening to include "hip" whites and young black professionals.
In the dominant view of a secular, Protestant, even post-Christian culture, such acts most often seem like archaic throwbacks, perhaps quaint and superstitious folkways that add "local color" to gentrifying neighborhoods.
In a new joint publication by The Brookings Institution Center on Urban and Metropolitan Policy and PolicyLink, authors Maureen Kennedy and Paul Leonard recommend "equitable development" as the means to create and maintain economic and social diversity in gentrifying communities.
Even as Boston expands its global reach and becomes like everywhere else and home to name brand stores, up-scale in city malls, boutique restaurants and a rapidly gentrifying center causing a major housing crisis for the working and middle classes, its conservatism does keep it unique.
31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Roxbury Ventures, LLC has completed the $7 million sale of a six story, 55 unit, 100 percent occupied, rent-controlled brick building located at 3715 West First Street in the gentrifying Los Angeles neighborhood of Koreatown.
The area surrounding this building is gentrifying at a rapid pace which is improving the assets value for long term growth," said Sternhell.
We saw the area gentrifying, and in a way, we were the spirit of that, even though we never wanted to be," says Glatzer.
Middle-class and gentrifying communities -- such as Valley Village, Studio City and Koreatown -- have seen hundreds of residents evicted to make way for condos.
Of course this is happening at a time when many neighborhoods on the South Side are gentrifying, many of the closer mid-South neighborhoods," said Patillo, who has studied Chicago's black middle class and is finishing a book on North Kenwood and Oakland.
9) The Motherwell of Mallarme's Swan and of the complete works of Garcia Lorca was ever happy to sell Abstract Expressionism out to classical humanism, to lay claim to "philosophy" and to "literature" by means of gentrifying every loop an every splatter.