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renovate so as to make it conform to middle-class aspirations

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While scrap yards perform an essential business, many local communities, whether to gentrify an area or to attract what they consider more promising businesses, are often making it difficult for recyclers to exist.
Hated yuppies who gentrify neighborhoods help everyone in the community, finds the Citizens Housing and Planning Council.
Other ideas are to gentrify the second floor of the Main Street buildings in Kenora.
The ants, which have an innate fear of the flies, stop foraging and flee when they spot them, giving native ants a chance to gentrify the neighborhood.
The city is going to knock down this building and gentrify the neighborhood.
Over the past 10 years, though, the network's management has been trying to gentrify its stations, aiming for the niche formerly filled by the increasingly centrist National Public Radio.
In the teeth of attempts to gentrify the game, and to control its fans to the point of infringing on their civil liberties (in Britain, for example, through Margaret Thatcher's Football Spectators Act of 1989), soccer has remained a fierce expression of male working-class culture.
Gays and lesbians who gentrify a neighborhood aren't hurting anyone.