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renovate so as to make it conform to middle-class aspirations

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In the most comprehensive treatment of indirect displacement to date, Davidson (2008) sub-divides the concept into a threefold classification: 'indirect economic displacement,' which draws upon Marcuse's (1986) exclusionary displacement to further tease out the externalities that gentrifying reinvestment of capital can generate; 'community displacement,' which builds on the research of Chernoff (1980) and Martin (2007) to explore the shifting dynamics of power and how gentrifiers are often central to re-imaginings of place; and last, 'neighbourhood resource displacement,' which considers how incumbent residents experience the reorientation of neighbourhood services to accommodate more affluent incomers.
The gentrifiers write books, too, about the challenges they face "civilising" their new neighbourhoods and the locals there.
But along with their enthusiasm and their economic activity, the gentrifiers brought a new willingness to wage war on noisy music clubs.
This is necessary to contextualize my later observation that gentrification often works through the commodification and mythologizing of counterculture values, while counterculture groups, such as indie and punk youth, as early "marginal gentrifiers," become simultaneously celebrated, vilified and displaced by subsequent gentrifiers in the service of middleclass reproduction.
In the end, the same struggles that all modern cities face will come into play, and the battle between gentrifiers and local residents will no doubt reach a fever pitch.
Many of the gentrifiers involved in Outremont's revitalization process are academics and artists; their concern for community matters led to the creation of a loose coalition of "watchdogs" and highly vocal commentators on any developments with a potential impact on the neighborhood.
Newer arrivals, gentrifiers, and older residents who live in the private houses at one end of Red Hook are mobilized mainly through their aspirations to transform the neighborhood into one more "Brooklyn residential brownstone" neighborhood.
The cultural politics of the new middle class are examined in Chapter five where Ley argues that the anti-suburban, pro-urban preferences of gentrifiers originate in the youth movement of the sixties.
The results, then, are not generalizable to the universe of gentrifiers, particularly not to later ones coming in after prices had escalated, but are intended to present the views and values of a specific subset in their own words.
As we meet the couple, they are young, tolerant, big-city gentrifiers.
This strategy at times aligns and other times conflicts on the one hand with middle class gentrifiers
Although we are aware of the different types of bias introduced by using age-, occupation-, education- and household income-based data to qualify the incoming population as gentrifiers, we argue that these indicators still represent essential elements in defining and assessing gentrification processes.
Members of AWARE-LA are currently in the process of developing local campaigns that partner with people-of-color organizations to support anti-gentrification work by engaging white gentrifiers, to help elect people of color candidates by outreaching to white voters, or support immigrant rights groups by taking on hate groups like the Minutemen.
The advanced tertiary workers from whom the ranks of gentrifiers and elitearea residents are drawn are, however, not a homogeneous group.
The means for buying the land were supplied by the exhibition's production budget, and the resale of the plot to the city after the conclusion of the show will generate the funds to support a local tenants' association that struggles to protect low-income housing from ubiquitous gentrifiers and speculators.