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renovate so as to make it conform to middle-class aspirations

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Living in a neighborhood that gentrified between 2000 and 2007 is associated with about an 8 point higher increase in credit score compared to living in a low-price neighborhood that did not gentrify.
Looking beyond the household level, what are the racial impacts and outcomes on the neighborhood from gentrification, and how is the gentrified community transformed, or not, in a racial sense?
Furthermore, once the English have gentrified Ceredigion perhaps they could attempt the same in the South Wales Valleys.
African-American author and publishing industry expert Mark Allen Boone presents The Demise of Luleta Jones, a whodunit novel set in Chicago, Illinois and Nashville Tennessee about the mysterious death of a public school teacher from a recently gentrified neighborhood.
We also live in an area that is becoming more and more gentrified because of gays moving into the area first.
So if we look historically at the Lower East Side, you saw signs of gentrification in the early 1980s, but it was not until several real estate cycles later that it solidly became a gentrified primary market.
In them she finds multiple uses of the supernatural and responses to uneasiness around individuals Other to English, white, gentrified males.
The Jungfernstieg promenade, where the local glitterati steps out to be seen shopping or eating, is at present being gentrified by WES landscape architects to create more generous widths of granite and artistically floodlit trees, leading down to a more accessible lakeside.
And indeed, Madame Ranyevskaya, the gentrified estate holder who returns home nearly penniless, is - if not exactly a jester - certainly a tragic fool.
The names alone indicate a diverse ethnicity, and this is clearly in keeping with the ever increasing mix of ancestries in gentrified Harlem today.
Major: If we're not careful, the whole city will be gentrified.
Hogan traces the history of the branches and factions in this inner-city suburb of Sydney as it changed from working class industrial heartland to gentrified latte-and-chardonnay territory.
Ristoranti and lounge bars in the gentrified Quadrilatero Romano district like AB+ (www.
Before Disney gentrified Times Square, Hollywood's Others performed at the Show Palace, Show World, the Follies, and Magique.
His balanced views on a galling problem--he rejects the notion that gentrified new men either notably inspired economic growth or caused economic decline--are persuasive; moreover, his evaluation of current literature substantiates these conclusions.