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renovate so as to make it conform to middle-class aspirations

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Rather, Kennedy and Leonard list the products of gentrified neighborhoods and discuss the consequences of each.
In its present, gentrified state, the Colon complements the culinary cornucopia of the municipal market--which rivals La Boqueria in Barcelona for the quality and variety of its offerings--and is a comfortable fit with its neighbours.
And in the North, because it's getting gentrified because all these yuppies are moving in, they don't want to see a scratch of graffiti.
5 Luc Tuymans in "Apocalypse: Beauty and Horror in Contemporary Art" (Royal Academy of Arts, London) This gentrified "Helter Skelter" knockoff theme show for die-hard YBA enthusiasts had its artful moments, but it was mostly a last-ditch attempt to legitimize the big-budget, low-concept fashion-plate sculptures of preservative-free British art stars like the Chapmans and Tim Noble and Sue Webster.
A sheet metal worker from Portland proffers some richly detailed illustrations of his concept, ``an 'Addams Family' in danger of being gentrified.
Even Wesley's transmutation of pop subjects into serious painting is subtle and seamless, a gr adual process through which the crude icons of lumpen culture are gentrified by the elegant linearity of haut bourgeois illustration (as practiced by John Held Jr.
It is rapidly becoming gentrified, attracting artists and cultural institutions.
So if we look historically at the Lower East Side, you saw signs of gentrification in the early 1980s, but it was not until several real estate cycles later that it solidly became a gentrified primary market.
The already gentrified area of Barnsbury in Islington - where the Blairs sold their family home in 1997 for a reported pounds 615,000 - is being transformed by the new group.
It then plummeted sharply in the late '70s and early '80s, but since then has come back strongly and is now becoming increasingly gentrified.
Their Heart Of Nowhere is situated somewhere between the Mumfords' gentrified yokel pop and Coldplay's stadium rousers.
The artist investigated a wide range of urban "quality of life" restrictions on the gentrified streets of several major cities, documenting "bum-free railings," "anticlimb devices," etc.
Barry's own career path - from rock beginnings to internationally lauded "musical dramatist" as he terms himself - reflects this, as does full orchestration of chart hits such as Goldfinger, inevitably rather gentrified by the symphonic sound of a not-so-chamber-sized ECO.
What often happens is that there are a lot of artists living in the area and then it becomes gentrified, and then the artists can't afford to live there anymore," she adds.
This three-part series is set in fictional Pepys Road in south London - once home to modest, lower-middle class families, which over the years has become gentrified, bringing new faces and conflict.