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a woman of refinement

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But Gentlewomen, because you shal not enter into colorick conceites against me, for publishing in this presence, a hystorie whiche seemeth so mutch to sounde to the shame of your sexe, I meane not to insiste the truth of it, but rather will proue it false.
Rather than instilling a love for God in their children, Brockman argued that mothers ought to rear their offspring so that they retained a love for their mother throughout their lives so that elderly gentlewomen could cohabit with their adult children in peace and quiet.
This fast-growing tendency among gentlewomen causes so much instability, as, in the process of pursing their "love" may reject the necessity of seeking a marriage contract with a gentlemen of at least equal title.
A CENTURY-OLD Coventry charity set up to help "elderly gentlewomen living in reduced circumstances" has money to give away.
The second half of Reading Material in Early Modern England presents two archival studies, one focused on readers' responses to Philip Sidney's Arcadia and Robert Greene's Menaphon (also known as Arcadia in seventeenth-century printings) and the other on the (reconstructed) libraries of two early modern gentlewomen.
How Nightingale, with one year's experience running the Hartley Street Institute for Sick Gentlewomen (which housed 27 retired governesses), maneuvered the existing bureaucracy, helped establish sanitary conditions, and saved lives and gave comfort is a compelling story.
The number of requests Margaret Paston forwards on the behalf of women also indicates how women without the authority to act on their own behalf enlist the assistance of gentlewomen like Margaret to advance their concerns.
But what really bugs me is the sheer snobbery which, even in the 21st century, won't allow officers and gents or officers and gentlewomen to mix with the lower ranks.
He also reluctantly helps the Association of Gentlewomen.
I guess simple civility just doesn't make good television or radio - or so the theory goes - so gentlemen and gentlewomen are fewer and farther between.
True to the time period, there was no silverware; so several knights speared chicken with swords and gallantly fed morsels to court gentlewomen.
One hundred years ago come November, the Mirror was launched as a paper for gentlewomen, with articles on what to talk about at dinner parties and adverts for domestic servants.
But it also implies that for the prosperous middle classes, it was an important mode of their self-presentation to align themselves with gentlewomen.
And when not being witches they play everything from soldiers to doctors and gentlewomen.
The Royal Society for the Relief of Indigent Gentlewomen of Scotland, set up 150 years ago, want to make pounds 1000-a-time donations to women.