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Synonyms for gentleness

Synonyms for gentleness

the property possessed by a slope that is very gradual


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acting in a manner that is gentle and mild and even-tempered

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And for me, being a better person entails kindness and gentleness.
voice our raft on a quiet lake an island of gentleness & gentleness
The mystery was that with all his gentleness, he survived to succeed brilliantly and, what is more, to create on the broadest of Welsh canvasses.
He knew when someone was sensitive or vulnerable, and he often approached mistakes with utmost gentleness.
There's a wryness in her voice when she sings it, and a gentleness.
THE GREEN MILE Sky Movies Greats 10PM Tom Hanks is mystified by the gentleness of Death Row giant Michael Clarke Duncan.
The novel unfolds with a sympathetic clarity that refuses to shy away from both the harsh realities of life and the bits of gentleness and hope that can be found among the shadows.
For a long time after that conversation, I kept a note on my desk that read, "Practice kindness, gentleness, and humility every day.
My two brothers have inherited his gentleness and his solidness, especially my eldest bro, who I can always turn to.
To me, the apostle Peter was nurturing gentleness or meekness among the Christians of Asia Minor when he wrote, "But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God's own people, in order that you may proclaim the mighty acts of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvellous light.
I am the daughter of a beautiful, elegant mother, wife, sister and friend, unique in her ability to guide in many instances with foresight, humour and gentleness.
Speaking on the occasion, Hafiz Hamdullah said that we are being punished for our gentleness.
Greed, corruption, and oppression seems to dominate the lives of men, instead of love, gentleness, compassion and honesty.
When seeking a replacement for our existing pump, we were won over by the extreme gentleness and tine vaporous spray of the Sensea pump from Aptar Beauty + Home.
This story would be perfect to share with the child who just can't keep still or be quiet, to demonstrate that there are times when gentleness and thought for others are necessary.