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Synonyms for gentleman

a man of refinement

a manservant who acts as a personal attendant to his employer

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Now, I think it would not be wise to show any undue solicitude to meet him, and I would employ you, an officer of rank, as my substitute; for it would but ill comport with the honor of Scotland to let it be said one of her gentlemen was outdone in civility by a native of any other country on earth.
Several English gentlemen there, being sensible of my adverse fortune, and touched with human sympathy, generously offered a friendly supply for my wants, which I refused, with many thanks for their kindness; adding, that I never expected it would be in my power to recompense such unmerited generosity.
So, one fine morning I ascended the flight of granite steps, with the President's commission in my pocket, and was introduced to the corps of gentlemen who were to aid me in my weighty responsibility as chief executive officer of the Custom-House.
So, with lightsome hearts and the happy consciousness of being usefully employed -- in their own behalf at least, if not for our beloved country -- these good old gentlemen went through the various formalities of office.
And now, ye mates, I do appoint ye three cup-bearers to my three pagan kinsmen there --yon three most honorable gentlemen and noblemen, my valiant harpooneers.
Gentlemen, gentlemen," said D'Artagnan, "do not let us lose our time in jesting.
Save me, gentlemen, for the love of heaven, save me
We have already at the station three gentlemen whose passports are under examination, who are on their way to her majesty.
In a corner, almost hidden from view, were three gentlemen, who had preceded Athos and Aramis, and an officer was examining their passports.
But," said Athos haughtily, "I do not deny it, I think; and now, gentlemen, in turn, permit me to ask you to what purpose these questions are asked, and particularly some explanation upon the tone in which you ask them?
They'll take away my character and drive me on the streets for speaking to gentlemen.
The hand that had thrown this plate made a sign to the two gentlemen, and then disappeared.
On the evening of Sunday, September 30th, 1877, two gentlemen presented themselves at Mr.
Then some facetious gentlemen on the left, after pressing sideways in a body, and squeezing Mr.
Bless us, what a number of gentlemen on horseback there were riding up and down, and how few of them wanted their horses held