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befitting a man of good breeding


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Yes," answered the husband, "we have cracked a bottle together, and a very gentlemanlike man he is, and hath a very pretty notion of horse-flesh.
Little Rawdon exhibited a fine appetite and showed a gentlemanlike behaviour.
Otherwise, even in those early days and on that short acquaintance, he struck me as being a modest and gentlemanlike young man.
In this manner we conversed; and as he was of the most obliging, gentlemanlike behaviour, so he was, if I may be allowed to say so, a man of good sense, and, as I believe, of great learning.
That's a fair and gentlemanlike division of labour, anyhow.
How euerBut I warrant you Will Kemp was wise enough: to their full cups, kinde tank was my returne, with Gentlemanlike protestations: as truely sir, I dare not: it stands not with congruitie of my health.
Mary O'Connell has shown how Charles Lamb, for example, characterized them as a "rapacious, dishonest set" who despised authors, and how Maria Edgeworth, in her eulogy for the radical publisher Joseph Johnson, described (other) publishers in general as "vulgar souls [in] vulgar Trade," while the poet Thomas Campbell damned Murray with faint praise in a letter to Walter Scott as "a very excellent and gentlemanlike man--albeit a bookseller" (O'Connell 160-61).
Perry's frequent stops at Hartfield evince his gentlemanlike personality, Frank Churchill's prolonged absence from Randalls calls his character into question.
He moved a few steps nearer, and those few steps were enough to prove in how gentlemanlike a manner, with what natural grace, he must have danced, would he but take the trouble .
whether you be a foole or a Justice of peace, a Cuckold or a Capten, a Lord Maiors sonne or a dawcocke, a knaue or an vnder Shreife, of what stamp soeuer you be, currant or counterfet, the Stagelike time will bring you to most perfect light, and lay you open: neither are you to be hunted from thence though the Scar-crowes in the yard, hoot at you, hisse at you, spit at you, yea throw durt euen in your teeth: tis most Gentlemanlike patience to endure all this, and to laugh at the silly Animals; but if the Rabble with a full throat, crie away with the foole, you were worse then a mad-man to tarry by it: for the Gentleman and the foole should neuer sit on the Stage together.
Why, they say as how he went a sauntering into the old flag-ship once, switching his tail about devilish easy and gentlemanlike, and inquiring if the old governor was at home.
English sportsman > German Sportsmann, also used in a transferred sense of 'a gentlemanlike person').
For a while, the reforms he seemed to be seeking also fitted well with William Gregory's desire for a more respectful, gentlemanlike, and fair government within and without the Empire, and he gave his support too.
Col Cody she viewed as a 'splendid man, handsome and gentlemanlike in manner', while the Indian war dance to a wild drum was 'quite fearful'.
His subaltern, Ensign William Williams, was `a highly educated young Irishman of gentlemanlike manners and correct conduct, with sufficient wit to be agreeable without the least disposition to offend -- has seen a little service; was by his father when killed at Salamanca and received a commission at the age of twelve'.