gentleman's gentleman

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a manservant who acts as a personal attendant to his employer

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Join the gentleman's gentleman around the court and gardens and be amazed at the fascinating stories of Victorian chaps.
Lusso can get you a private yacht - for the right price; The super rich want the luxury of a private jet; Simon Keefe is a Mr Fixit to millionaires - the gentleman's gentleman Picture, JOHN REAVENALL
Having reached the "Bu-C" section of the Yellow Pages, he decides being a butler will be his next venture and signs up for a course with appropriately named Englishman gentleman's gentleman Mr.
If he chooses to go along dressed as though for, say, a rugger match, determined to do nothing but punt his brains out and "have a bloody good time", there is very little that even the best informed gentleman's gentleman can hope to do.
LATEST BONUS WINNER WILL BE NAMED NEXT WEEK ACROSS DOWN 1 American gambling city (3,5) 7 Unclear, hazy (5) 8 Gentleman's gentleman (5) 9 Hotel employee who deals with luggage (6) 10 Exchange (4) 12 Paddy field grain (4) 14 Sly, crafty (6) 17 Lukewarm (5) 18 Smallest or most unimportant (5) 19 Rules or procedure for a formal occasion (8) 1 Fizzy beer (5) 2 Scandinavian country (6) 3 Covetousness (4) 4 Permit (5) 5 Disappear like rain in the sun (9) 6 Specify, instruct (9) 11 Frisk around playfully (6) 13 Pickled flower bud used in Mediterranean cookery (5) 15 Weak, delicate (5) 16 Prepare text for publication (4) SOLUTION to Crossword -2 weeks ACROSS 1 Know-it-all, 7 Alibi, 8 Dover, 9 Enlighten, 10 Exquisite, 13 Third, 14 Issue, 15 Skedaddle.
The posh clan are completely hopeless at coping - until the gentleman's gentleman steps in to teach them a thing or two about taking care of themselves.
Ruggles is the quintessential gentleman's gentleman to an English earl.
We will miss Kenneth's daily presence, but our warm friendship for this gentleman's gentleman will never wane," continued McGee.
The self-absorbed Lord Emsworth noticed the reaction of his gentleman's gentleman, Beach, when, ``ice formed on the butler's upper slopes''.