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people of good family and breeding and high social status

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This is Shakespearean-style history, the story of the gentlefolk of either side, who appear here in the drag of common selves.
10, 1995--In a city where grunge often clashes with gentlefolk, the state's largest bank is helping unite the two -- while introducing a new generation to the United Way.
But industry overtook it, and it became home to mills and millworkers' homes, leaving places like Harrogate, Ilkley and Buxton to attract the baths-loving gentlefolk.
Dear Editor, My wife and I are absentminded 60-plus gentlefolk who anticipated our first flight for years would be an enjoyable experience when we arrived at the airport last week for what we thought would be an uneventful inland flight.
Gentlefolk know how to tame the green-eyed monster that can never be satisfied because, let loose, envy always sees more that it wishes it had or was.
Part of the problem is that the film is so one-sided, portraying the English as a mob of red-faced, screaming psychos while the Irish are the gentlefolk of an idyllic land of tinkers, tumbledown cottages and milkmaids.
Algernon PonsonbyBraithwaite, inveterate racing fan and toff-fallen-on-hard-times, having scraped together his entire annual stipend from the Society for Distressed Gentlefolk, finds himself seated next to Ron Sossidge, a scrap-metal dealer not much concerned with niceties who makes no secret of his less than chivalrous attitude towards the ladies.
Along with friend Paul Kay, he set up Gentlefolk jeans in Cardiff which became famous for producing original clothes to fit any shape and size.
Motorcycle Diaries'' is a film about the sowing of revolution designed for the approval of bourgeois gentlefolk - for the very type of person that Che, once one himself, would not think twice about putting a bullet into.
The day they develop the ability to imitate us,our children also acquire the power to ruin our reputations among the gentlefolk of the parish with one little word,or one of several little words all unrepeatable here.
The only two other women with any profile to speak of were the screeching Ann Widdecombe (female credentials debatable) and Maggie Thatcher, who made a couple of speeches, was put back into her straitjacket and returned to the Home For Demented Gentlefolk.
This play takes place in the dining room of the Beauregard Private Hotel, one of those residential hotels for retired gentlefolk who have come down in the world financially, which were once so plentiful in market towns and on the South Coast of England, and which called forth an entire literature of their own, offering authors a ready-made metaphor for both personal and national decline.
Her introduction also provides a good description of conduct literature, thereby updating the standard reference work in this area, John Mason's Gentlefolk in the Making (1935).
The penal laws oppressed cottier and Gaelic gentlefolk indiscriminately' (32).
Indeed it was not primarily for motives of disinterested piety that charitable institutions like the Buonomini of San Martino, the Innocenti and the Orbatello were founded in Florence, but rather because the distressed gentlefolk and babies they catered to were a source of potential shame to the elite and hence to the city's honor.