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We didn't pass a soul and the only sounds we heard were the cows and a gentle wind through the trees.
We passed no one and heard nothing but an occasional moo from the cattle and a gentle wind through the trees.
visit Chirping merrily, as they often do, The soft and gentle wind,
A Gentle Wind of God: The Influence of the East Africa Revival.
Other than a gentle wind that shifted directions throughout the afternoon, it was a perfect setting, Nelson said.
The chandelier doubles as a gentle wind chime when a breeze hits.
When I was flying, I was able to forget my dependency on others; with the help of a day's gentle wind, I felt like a puppet with no strings--totally free
Were those birds making graceful arcs on the gentle wind or were they planes?
Many structures are linked by flights of stone stairs without railings, terraces, archways, and bridges, which make the complex look like a stage for a Gallic Romeo and Juliet--a production set not in the dense medieval core of a city but at the top of a mountain with undulating green fields and the wisp of a constant gentle wind.
She spoke of God as a gentle wind, and she spoke of God as mother.
SKY-MG450W4 generates electricity with the standard power of 20 kW when rotating 300 revolutions per one minute, rotating with the power of gentle wind, less resistance but achieves high efficiency of electricity generation with its coreless structure.
The gentle wind and fairly calm sea allowed the dhows to complete the 15-mile race, crossing the finishing line into Mirfa's harbour in 45 minutes.
An impressive 348 runners set off along the coast to Seaton Carew with blue sky and a gentle wind providing ideal running conditions.
We take people who have noise concerns to visit wind turbines and when you get there you realise it is more like a gentle wind going by than anything else.