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wind moving 8-12 knots

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It seemed strange that beyond the buttressed walls of Caprona icebergs floated and the south wind was biting, for only a gentle breeze moved across the face of these living waters, and that was damp and warm.
I carried my hat in my hand, and this gentle breeze, passing through my hair, soothed my temples like balm.
The night was, as has been said, dark, and they had happened to reach a spot in among some tall trees, whose leaves stirred by a gentle breeze made a low ominous sound; so that, what with the solitude, the place, the darkness, the noise of the water, and the rustling of the leaves, everything inspired awe and dread; more especially as they perceived that the strokes did not cease, nor the wind lull, nor morning approach; to all which might be added their ignorance as to where they were.
Thus Robin led his band, walking blithely with chest thrown out and head thrown back, snuffing the odors of the gentle breeze that came drifting from over the hayfields.
Shortly after noon of the second day the storm commenced to abate, and before the sun went down, the little craft upon which Tara of Helium had hovered between life and death these many hours drifted slowly before a gentle breeze above a landscape of rolling hills that once had been lofty mountains upon a Martian continent.
As he neared the river, the leader paused often, cocking his ears and raising his muzzle to sniff the gentle breeze for the tell-tale scent spoor of the dread flesh-eaters.
The woman looked calm, as the boat went on; and a beautiful soft summer breeze passed like a compassionate spirit over her head,--the gentle breeze, that never inquires whether the brow is dusky or fair that it fans.
In a moment or two, however, the leaves of the oak began to stir and rustle, as if a gentle breeze were wandering amongst them, although the other trees of the wood were perfectly still.
It was now a pleasant evening in the latter end of June, when our heroe was walking in a most delicious grove, where the gentle breezes fanning the leaves, together with the sweet trilling of a murmuring stream, and the melodious notes of nightingales, formed altogether the most enchanting harmony.
Between high heaven and earth the wind whirls on its waftages of hail and lightning, exhales its torrid mist or breathes in gentle breezes.
VVINTEGRAL Sir Michael Stoute Three days after shining under Ryan Moore on Racecourse Side, the five-year-old enjoyed a gentle breeze on Long Hill, a gallop that is no longer than five furlongs.
High temperature along the coastline would however gradually taper off during the day giving way to gentle breeze provoking occasional drizzles amid chances for mist forming in the wadis of the interior, the same weatherman added.
POEM OF THE DAY Life Moves On Ready for beds at nature's timely call While nature never takes a rest Though she alone knows timings best When scent of flowers are in the air A welcome sight of summers fair Bees carrying pollen from flower to flower In return maybe a little shower Always treasure nature's gift to us And all with care and so little fuss With birds and bees nature's fold Though so many stories can be told Life at the pond, the frog, the toad Hoverfly and fish in their abode This is nature's life all at ease It's all abroad the gentle breeze.
How many times, in a life, can there be, When the spirit of man is set free, Times when sitting for a while to dream, Maybe sitting by a running stream, When we are at peace with nature, her all, Listening to that of her many a call, When we hear a choir, a melody to sing, Or other portrayals of songs to bring, When we relax a while to sleep, Into another dimension then to peep, When on a night the moon is aglow, Our heaven for a while to know, When the gentle breeze whispers in your ear, Nature and her wonders all around to clear, The spirit of man, its own freedom can find, When knowing it can all be in the mind.
Given the theme Nature's Fury, they came up with a satellite that sucks up tornadoes and releases them as a gentle breeze.