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Medicinal uses: The generic name of Gentiana has been derived from 'Gentius', a king of Illyria (Europe), who is believed to have discovered the medicinal value of the gentian root.
Massage it all over after bathing and feel the hydrating ingredients such as ginseng, cola, gentian root and of course soya bean oil melt in instantly.
Quanterra(TM) Sinus Defense is a unique combination of herbs including Gentian root, Elder flower, Vervain, Primrose flower and Sorrel.
3g each of rhubarb, gentian root, white turmeric and Spanish saron mixed with the juice from 13g of aloe, 4oz of water and 12oz of grain alcohol.
REVALESKIN Illuminesse Brightening Complex is a hydroquinone-free, kojic acid-free topical serum containing methyl dihydroxybenzoate (MDHB), related to the botanical gentian root and helps balance uneven skin tones.
Herbal powders also include eucommia bark, kudzu root, Java leaf, gentian root and Massularia acuminate.