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The office itself in this early incarnation was situated in the first floor of a genteelly worn town-house apartment in Brooklyn Heights donated by a woman who, I believe, saw our tenancy as a statement of her progressive politics and a mother's love for her gay son.
There is Scrabble by the Ahwahnee fireside, and whiskey at the Ahwahnee Bar, and, best of all, ice-skating at Curry Village, where you whirl around genteelly on bumpy ice in the shadow of Half Dome while a scratchy PA system plays "Love Will Keep Us Together.
Today, the UFC is a sanitized, bureaucrafized, more genteelly marketed version of its former self, yet it's also more popular than ever.
Called Bulls**t Bingo - or, more genteelly, Buzzword Bingo - it involved people going into business meetings armed with cards, all bearing a series of jargon expressions in grid form, to be crossed off as the speaker employed them.
In comparing the novel and movie, Degenfelder maintains that in the film version "[n]ot only did good triumph over evil, but Temple, wavering genteelly between these polarities, was, in the end, restored to her shrine" (546).
One can almost imagine John Ehle and Wilma Dykeman sitting on the veranda of an old and elegant Asheville hotel, genteelly comparing notes about everything from the construction of the Swannanoa tunnel to the delectation of the wines and cheeses of England and France.
But Bush wasn't engaged enough in the details to realize what was happening, ignoring the numerous hints about troops that Bremer dropped in his direction (at one point, Bremer writes, it becomes clear that Bush has misunderstood Rummy's troop withdrawal plans, thinking more soldiers would be sent in, but Bremer genteelly notes that "neither Rumsfeld nor I chose to correct the President in this forum.
Anyone else would have genteelly stated, "A woman came over and spoke to me in the laundry room.
There isn't space here to properly explain the details of what the IPCC so genteelly calls "dangerous climate change.
The only other people in the room are a group of middle-aged women sitting nearby, genteelly sipping tea from china cups while discussing the flower arrangements.
Even after American ground troops had been fighting and dying in Vietnam for five years, anti-war senators were still genteelly adhering to the decorum of the Senate, still making speeches instead of trying to make policy.
But its Jim Crow segregation had been complete, if genteelly enforced.
Laboring and capitalist classes should treat each other more genteelly, a wise course of action since socialism will issue naturally from history in any event.
Grant Hotel--where tea is genteelly served every day
To put it more properly and genteelly, the Hereford Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys in Hereford, England, sings Evensong at 5:30 p.