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a genre depicting everyday life

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As a culminating project, challenge students to use the knowledge gleaned in their research to create an original genre painting.
In creating these works, the artist differentiates her oeuvre even more than before from the popular genre painting coming out of Leipzig; she rejects their meticulously and tastefully arranged interiors.
Presently photography is permitted the illusionistic naturalism denied genre painting, and Wall is the point man for recuperation of lapsed prerogatives.
Lewis crossed Dutch genre painting with vibrant images of an Islam of the mind.
This book, subtitled The Politics of Everyday Life, studies American genre painting during its years of greatest prominence: the three decades from 1830 until the outbreak of the Civil War.
One of the best-known artists for genre painting was Dutch artist Pieter de Hooch (1629-84).
AN EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITY TO SEE MUCH of the best painting done in eighteenth-century France begins this summer in Ottawa at the National Gallery of Canada: "The Age of Watteau, Chardin, and Fragonard: Masterpieces of French Genre Painting.
During the 1930s Shakespeare began to develop an individual style of genre painting, often based on everyday subjects drawn from Dudley, such as the zoo or local ice rink.
2), in which the artist fuses a formal tradition of academic genre painting with an uncompromising and satirical exposure of ecclesiastic venality in rural Russia.
Her work evokes a kind of domestic abstraction, a personal, intriguing type of genre painting that seems purposefully to avoid narrative or intimate revelation.
Up to Johnson's time, genre painting in America had tended to patronize its subject matter, to follow established conventions in depicting the amusing and quaint ways of country yokels.
Given that his oeuvre encompasses almost all the major trends in 17th-century Dutch genre painting, Gabriel Metsu (1629-67) can justly be called the most emblematic artist in this area of work--and the most difficult to categorise.
The 56 works exhibited pay tribute to the French 18th-century master of still life and genre painting.