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a genre depicting everyday life

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For each painter, every commission from a patron for a still life, a portrait, a genre painting, a landscape, or a comparable figurative painting was equally profitable at the margin.
Apart from its verisimilitude, Dutch genre painting was also popular with the general public because it often represented immediately recognizable domestic tableaux.
It may seem odd that Wilkie wished to capture the likeness of a well-known comic actor as a conspicuous figure in a genre painting.
In 17th-century Spain, genre painting (scenes of everyday life) reached new heights with the work of Diego Velazquez.
33) A related claim is that the Tempest participates in--even inaugurates--a kind of pure genre painting, and that it could be classed wit h a series of depictions of family-like groups in landscapes from around 1510-15, such as the Landscape with Halbardier, Woman and Two Children from the Palma Vecchio circle (Fig.
Put it this way: the genre of painted reading is the seized detail from genre painting that marries up in the hierarchies of genre by annexing to some degree the metaphysics of still life, including its vanitas disquisition on mortality, the subjectivity of portraiture, the temporality under erasure of historical or mythological time lines, and even the sublimity formerly restricted to transcendental script.
When the Academy finally demanded that Greuze present his reception picture twelve years later (or risk expulsion from the Salons), Greuze decided to present a history painting as his entry (a style more prestigious than genre painting, so why not?
The art critic Etienne-Jean Delecluze summarized the difference between history and genre painting by using the Aristotelian definition of tragedy and linking it to the history painter.
What do the following things have in common: Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor, Dutch genre painting, Spanish Golden Age peasant drama, Moliere's Tartuffe?
While Helgerson is not the first early modern English scholar to look at Dutch genre painting for traces of the domestic in Protestant northern Europe, his argument successfully locates the emblematic nature of these paintings in the complexities of Dutch politics and the wars of resistance and the independence during the seventeenth century.
Grouped thematically, the works demonstrate how many different schools of painting were busy at the same time, from portraiture to landscape, from still life to genre painting.
264) pervaded Victorian genre painting from mid-century through the 1880s.
He tried to inject modern concepts into a stodgy art world where landscapes and genre painting predominated.
Parial reinvented the Mother and Child genre painting in his 'Mayhaligue' series, which features the exceptional approach of framing the subjects with a window.
Extensive research into the museum's Dutch and Flemish holdings--and in particular 100 paintings by Steen, Metsu, Dou and Teniers, among others--has resulted in this definitive study of the development and techniques of genre painting.