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a painter of scenes from everyday life

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Yet despite his abundant success as a genre painter, Meissonier's late career reveals evidence of his doubts about the significance of genre themes and his desire to help revive the French school.
ABOUT THE PAINTING This month's Clip & Save Art Print, Boy Building a Castle of Cards, is an excellent example of why Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin is considered the preeminent genre painter of the 18th century.
The judges of the Academy conferred over Septimius Severus and Caracalla (1769) and admitted Greuze--but as a genre painter only
In 1874, the San Francisco genre painter William Hahn captured not the landscape but this very act in Yosemite Valley from Glacier Point.
While most of these are more or less anguished abolotionist propaganda, one of the most moving is the entirely matter-of-fact painting of a group of slaves about to be auctioned in Richmond, Virginia, in 1861 by the little-known British genre painter Eyre Crowe.
Bradshaw, a former Lieutenant-Commander in the Navy, trained as an artist under Edward Dingli, a portrait and genre painter, whilst based in Malta.
He is a plein-air painter of Western landscapes, a genre painter of today's Western people, a studio painter of period subjects, and a cartoonist.
Since then, however, several approaches, including the iconographical one made famous by Eddy de Jongh and other art historians, have made such headway that it is hardly permissible now to use the pictures of Van Ostade, Van de Venne and other genre painters as 'snapshots' of popular culture, and ignore all the moral clues or elements of caricature.
It is surprising that one of the more sober and intellectual of the genre painters of the late 19th century, William Quiller Orchardson (1832-1910), chose to paint a scene of Little Nell and her Grandfather in the Wood (c.
In the National Gallery painting the somewhat laboured group of workers cleaning fish seems lifted ready-made from Dutch genre painters like David Teniers (compare the Barber's own Teniers in the previous gallery).
He spoke to and for his generation, and he was a great influence on a number of genre painters such as Thomas Waterman Wood, J.
We also learn from a detailed study of the evidence of real domestic interiors of the period that the Dutch genre painters were aspirational, depicting the rarest luxuries--marble tiled floors, chandeliers, keyboard instruments--as if every home should have them.
What had happened was that the genre painters had adopted the traditional formulas of history painting, in which a dramatic situation is narrated through the expressions and gestures of heroic characters, in order to narrate stories of ordinary people--what one writer in 1809 called 'the EPIC of common life'.
The desire to showcase Jan Steen's activity in Haarlem during the 1660s necessitated the inclusion of pictures by the low genre painters Adriaen and Isack van Ostade to bridge the gap.