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Cherry's review of the literature on film genre theory is well researched and presented in a direct and easily comprehensible manner, and her turn to Rick Altman's work in particular helps explicate the general problems of genre study.
This interactive timeline shows the birth place and evolution of different genres of western dance music, and how they influenced each other to create more genres.
Chapter 1, entitled "The Old Imperial Code," begins with the discussion of Bell's Classical Arrangement of Fugitive Poetry, an anthology published in 1789 which attempted to arrange non-canonical poems along the lines of a neo-Aristotelian genre system.
Divided into seven chapters according to genre (with the eighth and final chapter being an interview with Atwood), Engendering Genre adopts a pragmatic organization for its encompassing survey of Atwood's career and breadth of generic experimentation.
In the introduction, Moine references French cinema criticism and addresses the lack of French scholarship regarding genre studies.
We wanted to find a uniquely Pandora way to address this consumer need so we created a number of genre stations that are carefully seeded with relevant songs and constantly refreshed with new releases.
New research shows that searching for the temporal aspects of songs - their rhythm - might be better to find music you like than using current automatic genre classifications.
concept of genre has generally been determined by (and restricted to)
The critics here are at pains to show how the Irish have transcended the "safe container" of genre formulas.
Allow me to quote from the back cover: "First Moon, the first book in the Goddesses and Warriors series, starts us on a journey to a new genre, a new vision filled with sex and seduction, intrigue, violence and compassion, romance, mystery and adventure as we follow Darkasan, Dieema, and the other Warriors and Goddesses on the exotic planet called Androgynous Prime.
As subsequent genre pictures, trailing titles like Zombi 2 and Zombie Flesh Eaters 3, ate their way through America's VCRs, Wood elaborated his original claims, averring in his 1986 book Hollywood From Vietnam to Reagan that the living dead "represent, on a metaphorical level, the whole dead weight of patriarchal consumer capitalism, from whose habits of behavior and desire not even Hare Krishnas and nuns .
The CPA may consider researching the performance of other films in the same genre as the film in question, since the popularity of the genre may vary depending on the geographic location of the release.
In this who's who of the fantasy genre, authors such as David Weber, Janny wurts, Andre Norton, and David Drake enchant readers with new stories featuring the fantastic worlds and/or characters that made them famous.
According to statistics compiled by Romance Writers of America (RWA), a trade organization of more than 9,500 published and aspiring authors, the genre accounts for a third of all paperback, trade and hardcover fiction sales.
FROM ALIEN TO THE MATRIX: READING SCIENCE FICTION FILM offers a guide to science fiction movies large and small, considering plots, performances, cultural influences and genre changes with a critical yet lively eye.