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of or relating to or constituting a genotype


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Protein and [beta]-glucan contents were positively genotypically correlated in both BG1C0 and BG2C1, the populations with least and greatest [beta]-glucan contents, respectively (Table 5).
In this study, although little evidence existed of clonality in any habitat, collections from different habitats were both genetically and genotypically heterogeneous.
The Nelson Laboratories tests were conducted with bacillus thuringiensis -- an endospore that is genotypically and phenotypically similar to bacillus anthracis, more commonly known as anthrax.
In conclusion in order to obtain useful metal resistant bacteria the Yangtze River isolates were phenotypically and genotypically characterized.
difficile isolates were genotypically and phenotypically similar to the pig isolates from the same farms indicates that transmission occurs either by direct contact or through the environment.
In water-stressed alfalfa, dry matter yield and [Delta] were positively correlated genotypically among 30 half-sib families, but families differing in [Delta] had similar maturation rates and LSR (Ray et al.
Every individual in the initial population was genotypically identical.
E-2190 (poster): "Surveillance for Resistance to Metronidazole, Vancomycin or Ramoplanin in Genotypically Distinct and Clonal Clostridium difficile Strains," M.
The work also aimed to characterize genotypically the rhizobia strains studied in this work.
fortuitum strains isolated from the 3 patients were phenotypically and genotypically identical.
High dry-matter production under water-stressed conditions was genotypically and phenotypically associated with taller shoots and a lower LSR (Table 3).
Seedlings give same phenotype and it is mistakenly assumed that cultivar is genotypically homozygous.
Isolate CBS2502 is genotypically identical to isolate RKI85/888, which was isolated from a previously healthy citizen of Germany, who also had never traveled outside Germany.
This study addressed only genotypically based differences in rooting.
However, Bacillus anthracis is genotypically and phenotypically very similar to Bacillus thuringiensis, a member of the Bacillus cereus group of bacteria demonstrating similar spore forming characteristics.