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of or relating to or constituting a genotype


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Based on the predicted genotypic values of the inbred lines, the genetic correlations among the traits studied were estimated using the Pearson coefficient.
The genotypic values of inbred lines for AE and UtE, in both experiments (N and P) are shown in Figure 1, with QI and QII in the right and left upper quadrants and QIII and QIV in the lower left and lower right quadrants, respectively.
Gain estimates with selection were obtained by genotypic values of the inbred line considered to be superior.
Considering the experimental accuracy, all the traits presented good accuracy in the estimates of genotypic values.
The L7 line also presented higher genotypic values for components of PUE in HP conditions; the genetic potential of these inbred lines for efficient N and P use is clear.