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of or relating to or constituting a genotype


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The present study was planned to appraise the interaction between nipping and genotypes of chickpea as well as to evaluate genotypic and phenotypic association among yield and other traits to be considered as yield contributing traits.
sup][1],[2],[3] At present, little is known about the efficacy and safety of TDF for CHB patients with genotypic resistance in China.
The FDAs 2004 guidance, Sterile Drug Products Produced by Aseptic Processing Current Good Manufacturing Practice, states that genotypic methods have been demonstrated to be more accurate and precise than traditional biochemical and phenotypic methods, including fatty acid based analysis.
The values of the harmonic mean of the genotypic values (MHVG) to evaluate stability, the relative performance of the genotypic values (PRVG) for adaptability and the harmonic mean of the relative performance of the genotypic values (MHPRVG) for stability, adaptability and productivity, simultaneously, for all genotypes, were obtained according to the expressions:
Ten runs of 1,000,000 generations with 50,000 generations of burnin were conducted assuming 1-15 distinct genotypic clusters (K).
2009), evaluating 24 bean genotypes, observed that most of the variation among the marginal averages of 24 genotypes of the black group evaluated was attributed to the environmental variance, while the estimate of the genotypic contribution was smaller.
Genotypic and phenotypic correlation coefficients were calculated by standard procedures (Johnson et al.
Results from genetic analyses conducted in 2009 showed significant genotypic differentiation between most sites.
In previous studies, genotypic investigations of human and animal samples in the Netherlands were performed by using a 3-locus multilocus variable-number tandem repeats analysis (MLVA) panel and single-nucleotide polymorphism genotyping, respectively (2,3).
CDI's published methodology enables the unprecedented opportunity to take samples from disease cohort repositories worldwide, where blood has been collected and immortalized from patients with a wide variety of diseases and known genotypic and phenotypic backgrounds, and create iPSC-based human cellular models for disease research and drug discovery," said Nick Seay, CDI chief technology officer and an author of the paper.
Diversity at all levels, whether it is species diversity of a community or genotypic diversity of a species within a community, is crucial to understanding the functioning of ecosystems (Tilman et al.
The present investigation was therefore, undertaken to obtain information on different genetic parameters namely GCV, PCV, heritability in broad sense coheritability, genotypic and phenotypic correlation of morphometric traits with grain yield.
Previous studies have found that PFGE is a good measure of genotypic relatedness between Enterobacter sakazakii isolates (3).