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of or relating to or constituting a genotype


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The genotypic correlation, in general, presented a different direction from the environmental correlation, which was positive.
Genotypic characterization of Enterobacter sakazakii isolates by PFGE, BOX-PCR, and sequencing of the fliC gene.
All studies demonstrated the benefit of phenotypic resistance testing but failed to demonstrate the benefit of genotypic resistance testing.
Several major cooperative ventures have potential to accelerate the understanding and use of massive amounts of genotypic and phenotypic data now being gathered for both plants and animals.
Relation of Staphylococcus strains whose identifications were discordants by use of phenotipic and genotypic tests and correct identification by APISTAPH test.
The phenotypic and genotypic correlation of yield per plant and its components are shown in Table 1.
29) Genotypic approaches to tropism assessment depend upon sequencing the V3 loop of env and referencing predictive algorithms.
g] equals the genetic variance between the inbred lines and the corresponding vector g corresponds to the predictions of the genotypic values of inbred lines.
The original PTLD diagnosed in 1993 was reviewed, including the morphology, immunohistochemistry, flow cytometric immunophenotypic data, and genotypic data.
Similarity of individuals can be determined by means of a distance measure, either genotypic or phenotypic.
Various methods now make genetic engineering a viable proposition in a commercial setting so that one can now produce transgenic plants, animals and microorganisms with new genotypic and phenotypic characteristics that can change the colour, texture, flavour, aroma, nutrition and stability of our raw food materials.
is rapid, that a remarkably large number of related but distinguishable genotypic variants evolve in parallel and coexist during chronic infection, and that 'isolates' of HIV-1 .
TMC647055 is a potent non-nucleoside hepatitis C polymerase inhibitor with broad genotypic coverage.
henselae, and that the genotypic distribution of human strains coincided with that of cat strains.