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Synonyms for genotype

a group of organisms sharing a specific genetic constitution

the particular alleles at specified loci present in an organism

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To the Editor: An unprecedented outbreak of Cryptococcus gattii genotype amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) 6/VGII on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, is affecting both human and animal hosts with normal immunity (1-3).
The ompA sequence of 5 isolates was identical to the sequence of reference genotype A, 3 isolates were identical to genotype B, and the ompA sequence of 1 isolate was identical to genotype C.
The mycobacterial interspersed repetitive unit (MIRU) typing method (11) was used to genotype strains from these patients.
The source of infection was traced to an unrecognized exposure to the patient in New Jersey only after analysis of the Netherlands viral sequence demonstrated complete identity with the New Jersey genotype B3 virus.
Neither the Core/E1 nor NS5B sequences in Uganda clustered closely with genotype 4 sequences reported from other areas (Figures 1 and 2).
For these investigations, genotype information, specimen processing, and other information (e.
The new Abbott RealTime(TM) HCV Genotype test automates key steps of the process, from PCR to data analysis and generation of a results report, allowing laboratories to process molecular tests efficiently and accurately.
The NoV capsid is predicted to be well suited for genotype classification (10).
The capsid region was used for genotype classification of sapovirus (7).
Affymetrix Targeted Genotyping assays and services enable researchers to genotype up to 50,000 SNPs to confirm associations and do fine mapping
To the Editor: Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) Beijing genotype is spread throughout the world, and the highest prevalence has been detected in Asia and Eurasia.
In a phase III clinical trial, doctors administered sofosbuvir and ribavirin to a total of 223 HIV-1 patients chronically co-infected with hepatitis C (genotypes 1, 2 or 3) either for 12 weeks (for treatment-naive patients with genotype 2 or 3) or for 24 weeks (for treatment-naive patents with genotype 1 or treatment-experienced patents with genotype 2 or 3).
The results showed that the density of statistically significant effects was not significant on grain yield but the effect of genotype on grain yield was significant(P<0.
To date, 4 subtypes of DENV-4 have been recognized: genotype I, which comprises Asian strains (e.
Genotype 1 is found in developing countries in Asia and Africa, genotype 2 is isolated in Mexico and Africa, genotype 3 is distributed worldwide including developed countries, and genotype 4 is reported in Asia (2).