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any substance that produces cancer

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After treatment of mice with DDT for six generations at four doses, no increase in the incidence of liver tumors was observed from generation to generation, as might have been expected in the presence of a genotoxic carcinogen (67).
This exceedingly low limit was reached by using established margin of exposure calculations for genotoxic carcinogens in food.
Genotoxic carcinogens, also known as DNA-reactive carcinogens, interact directly with DNA through the formation of covalent bonds, resulting in DNA-carcinogen complexes.
You see, genotoxic carcinogens are capable of causing DNA damage and cancer, so it makes sense to me that breast cancer would logically ensue following exposure to mycotoxins.
The micronucleus test singles out genotoxic carcinogens, or carcinogens that damage DNA.
The experts also said fires at the works were also a source of genotoxic carcinogens.
The ready quantifiable nature of sister chromatid exchanges with high sensitivity for revealing toxicant-DNA interaction and the demonstrated ability of genotoxic chemicals to induce significant increase in sister chromatid exchanges in cultured cells has resulted this endpoint being used as indicator of DNA damage in blood lymphocytes of individuals exposed to genotoxic carcinogens [1].