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the ordering of genes in a haploid set of chromosomes of a particular organism

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3 Data Storage and Handling May Be the Greatest Limiting Factors Determining the Growth of the Genomic Sequencing Market
In less than 18 months, the Texas Institute for Genomic Medicine has amassed a huge resource of knockout mice for use in therapeutic discovery by researchers worldwide," said Richard H.
have signed a collaborative agreement to identify and develop drug targets and diagnostic markers from genomic and expressed data.
This Program Announcement (PA) is to encourage investigator-initiated applications for research designed to generate genetic tools and genomic resources that will enable researchers to exploit the full potential of novel or developing model systems for comparative and functional genomic studies.
With standard operating procedures in place and the program now in its fourth year, scientists have begun to address a subsequent challenge: extracting useful knowledge from the reams of genomic data flowing out of the program's 22 clinics.
In its conference call, Harvard said it plans to make Genomic Solutions immediately profitable.
The antibiotic-resistance genes are clustered in part of a 43-kb genomic island called Salmonella genomic island I (SGI1), between the thdf and int2 genes of the chromosome (6-10).
This agreement with Serono is important validation of Celera's genomic databases," said J.
According to David Miller, Global Product Manager for Proteomics at Genomic Solutions, "ProteoMetrics has done an outstanding job developing proteomic software products, particularly in mass spectrometry analysis and databasing.
DOE and its associated laboratory, The Joint Genome Institute who contributed to approximately 10% of the total genome sequenced, is CRS' largest genomic customer.
Molly Gleizes was previously with two genomic bioinformatics companies.
Advances in genomic science--such as genetic testing to determine optimal medication dosing--are making "personalized medicine" a reality, said Collins.
We are pleased that the scientists and clinicians who develop new therapeutics at Yamanouchi, a world-class research-based pharmaceutical company, will now be able to harness the genomic knowledge and bioinformatics expertise that Celera provides," said J.
Ann Arbor, MI 2/14/01 and 2/15/01--Genomic Solutions announced that PerkinElmer has filed suit against it, seeking to clarify its "call right" to redeem all shares of Genomic Solutions that it does not own.
Designed to simultaneously detect chromosomal amplifications or deletions of multiple genes in various human cancers, the Vysis GenoSensor Microarray System is the industry's first commercially available system that will enable researchers to rapidly identify and discover key genomic correlations in disease occurrence and outcome.