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rich and delicate Italian sponge cake

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Must-try: Le Matcha Flourless Chocolate Genoise-matcha pana cotta, white chocolate mousse, matcha glaze and edible flowers; Le Mimosa-chocolate genoise with demi sec style sparkling wine, bergamot orange cremeux, Belgian milk chocolate mousse, spider glaze.
Boyles replicates it here, planting poached rows of rhubarb between a perfectly manicured matcha genoise sponge lawn.
But not so with a Genoise sponge – to me, it's French, even though it's named after the Italian city of Genoa.
Genoise, bred in France by Rolland Paulette, made 4,500gns when selling to Mallaber Partners, Park Farm, Burton on Trent.
The five-tiered fondant wedding cake was a vanilla Genoise with white chocolate mousseline cream and fresh raspberries.
At the 1925 Bakery Exhibition in London, Gilbert took first prize in the wedding cake, decorated genoise and decorated cake section and also won a gold medal at the National Association Challenge Trophy.
17e minute : L'egalisation genoise lancait ce qui allait suivre.
The cake is a three foot square genoise sponge cake with mixed fruit jam and vanilla buttercream filling, with Happy Birthday piped in cannoli icing and a fondant topping depicting the Park's crest.
Examples of foam-based cakes include genoise, biscuit jaconde, chiffon, and angel food cake.
The whip is also used to beat yolks or whole eggs for a whole or separated egg foam cake like a sponge or a genoise.
There are five main production lines at Pidy Halluin, each specialising respectively in choux dough, shortcrust pastry, pressed puff pastry, genoise sponges and "spiral-wound" products such as cream horn cases.
Ganache, Caramel, Curd, Vanilla Sauce, Financier, Pound Cake & Genoise, Pate a Choux, etc.
50; lemon, passion fruit, mango and raspberry mousse on a rum flavored genoise, 500g, Ffr55.
Chocolate desserts dominate, but others, such as lemon bars and raspberry genoise, hold their own.