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a seaport in northwestern Italy


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I embarked at Alicante, reached Genoa after a prosperous voyage, and proceeded thence to Milan, where I provided myself with arms and a few soldier's accoutrements; thence it was my intention to go and take service in Piedmont, but as I was already on the road to Alessandria della Paglia, I learned that the great Duke of Alva was on his way to Flanders.
From Genoa the run to Leghorn will be made along the coast in one night, and time appropriated to this point in which to visit Florence, its palaces and galleries; Pisa, its cathedral and "Leaning Tower," and Lucca and its baths, and Roman amphitheater; Florence, the most remote, being distant by rail about sixty miles.
We shall be at Genoa before sunset," continued Raffles.
That's why this thing has to be done while we're at Genoa, because they keep no watch on the bridge in port.
Of all the mere feats of cracksmanship which I have seen Raffles perform, at once the most delicate and most difficult was that which he accomplished between one and two o'clock on the Tuesday morning, aboard the North German steamer Uhlan, lying at anchor in Genoa harbor.
He did not, however, mean thereby that his former disorders were troubling him, but that he was suffering from a severe attack of influenza which he had caught in Santa Margherita, and which tormented him for several weeks after his arrival in Genoa.
In the following winter, after wandering somewhat erratically through Stresa, Genoa, and Spezia, he landed in Nice, where the climate so happily promoted his creative powers that he wrote the third part of "Zarathustra".
At Genoa I took to my wits once more, and have been living on nothing else ever since.
But it was not upon Corsica, the very houses of which he could distinguish; or on Sardinia; or on the Island of Elba, with its historical associations; or upon the almost imperceptible line that to the experienced eye of a sailor alone revealed the coast of Genoa the proud, and Leghorn the commercial, that he gazed.
Words were exchanged, and violence erupted after the Genoas and Mr.
At some point during the altercation, Orville Carrion allegedly drew a firearm and began shooting at the Genoas.
The port of Genoa was closed to navigation, and the city's airport and main railway stations were also closed.
How did the civil-society nexus with the G7/G8 change so much in just one year, and what can be learned from the Genoa experience?
FITCHBURG - Family and friends of slain teenagers Pedro Genoa and Nelson Geraldino waited yesterday in a courtroom filled with police and court security to see the two men accused of killing the teens.
Geraldino, 18, Pedro Genoa, 17, and his brother Ronny Genoa, 18, were at a party inside a first-floor apartment at 96 Mechanic St.