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Vampires are immortal, and it gives people a fantasy of outliving their inevitable death," said Gennet, describing his leading character in the video as "a classic vampire: lustful and blood-thirsty with a penchant for comely women and dark churches.
I look at a lot of retail Web sites, and I find many of them talk about price but don t address beautifying one's home," Gennet said.
FOXWHELP, Skyrme's Kernel, Gennet Moyle, Hagloe Crab - great names, but sadly the fact that they are all facing extinction is unlikely to raise too manyeyebrows.
Contact: Gennet Paauwe, ARB, phone 916-322-2990, website http://www.
Something happens to a person who is exposed to technology at an early age, and GenNet has grown up with the Internet, cell phones, and other fruits of the IT revolution.
The current version of the plan actually is a melding of two proposals, LSI-2 and LSI-3, says Gennet Paauwe of the CARB's office of communication.
org, has developed an innovative program called GenNet that allows residents to log-on in a computer lab and tutor local high school seniors.
government purchased the area from Gennet, dedicated it to Joyce Kilmer, and preserved it forever in his name.
Two leases, one for 9,187 square feet and the other for 6,500 square feet, were signed at the Prudential Business Campus in Parsippany by the law firm of Gennet, Kallmann, Antin & Robinson and the insurance firm Reliance National, respectively.
The special, airing March 15 through 17 exclusively on DIRECTV's channel 101 (The 101), will be hosted by Abbey Gennet, lead singer of Slunt, along with MTV VJ Matt Pinfield, and features performances by Rachel Fuller, Aqualung, Bowling for Soup, The Bravery, and many more.
E Ambassador Gennet Zewide, Ambassador of Ethiopia to India and Mr.
Gennet Purcell, Insurance Commissioner, Washington, DC 20002; (202) 727-8000; www.
The plans reached fruition after a university delegation headed by Chancellor, Atul Chauhan met Ethiopian Prime Minister of Ethiopia Meles Zenawi and that country's envoy to India, Gennet Zewide, to discuss potential areas of collaboration in the field of education.
That's something we're looking into,'' said Gennet Paauwe, a spokeswoman for the California Air Resources Board.
MICHAEL GENNET resigned as president and chief operating officer at Los Angeles-based upholstery manufacturer Lazar Industries.