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Synonyms for genius

Synonyms for genius

liveliness and vivacity of imagination

Synonyms for genius

someone who has exceptional intellectual ability and originality

unusual mental ability

someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field

exceptional creative ability

a natural talent

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In addition to the full article, we also developed a slideshow version of the 50 geniuses article.
With its collection of 50 greatest living geniuses, TBS commends those whose imagination, innovation, and ingenuity have forged our technology, powered our economy, defined our culture, and shaped our way of life.
A NUMBER OF RECENT FILMS AND TV SHOWS, HOWEVER, portray geniuses as emotionally stunted, lonely, asocial prodigies who don't know how to enjoy life.
including the little tuxedo ensemble worn by Sly, the top-hatted ringleader of the baby geniuses.
The Geniuses featured in this game are exceptional people whom we believe have defined and shaped both civilization and history," said Phil Orbanes, president of Winning Moves Inc.
8 billion years, we might be on the brink of unraveling the mystery of the Big Bang, thanks to millennia of scientific progress and the work of geniuses ranging from Galileo to Hawking.
The problem with using the (term) 'dreaming genius' is that we have this romantic notion that certain people are geniuses instead of this old notion, much older than romanticism, that geniuses are with us, that we are with genius.
But the oooh-aaah tone of many of the recent releases suggests the fascination is with celebrity -the idea of genius, not the ideas of geniuses.