genius loci

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the special atmosphere of a place

the guardian spirit of a place

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Kita vertus, Londonas yra pastovus pasaulines ekonomikos centras, taciau tokiu atveju sunku kalbeti apie pastovia identiteto ar genius loci konstanta, kada nuolatine kaita (is esmes nera svarbu--fizine ar psichologinefunkcine) tampa privaloma, norint islaikyti ligi tol turetas pozicijas.
galios zvilgsnis, 181 gatves dizainas, 252 genius loci, 81 gyvenamasis rajonas, 83
On the other hand, genius loci is not an autonomous phenomenon, but rather a derivative from a physical environment, as it appears and is interpreted in perceptions and reflections; the latter may be or may not be distinguished from its real nature as a thing-in-itself.
In this essay I criticized the architectural theories that have been dominantly inspired by the Heidegger's phenomenological approach, Schulz's Genius Loci being one of them.
Once again, Ackroyd's insistence on the power of the genius loci and his rejection of a chronologically linear understanding of time operate concordantly.
Make no mistake: this development would compromise the genius loci of a group of buildings of international importance.
Perhaps Kuzma and Boos recognize the inherent openness of the Scandinavian genius loci, while at the same time attempt to unfetter it from native, essentialist claims.
I appreciate the places where the Genius Loci, the spirit of the space, is enhanced by the new design and therefore tells me about the times in a history that space has been going through.
About half of the chapters--including "An Amour Still Fou: Late Bunuel" by Peter William Evans, "Jan Svankmajer: Genius Loci as a Source of Surrealist Inspiration" by Jan Uhde, and "Soluble Fish: How Surrealism Saved Documentary from John Grierson" by Graham Roberts-adopt an auteur approach to discussing particular directors.
The design of the spaces between the buildings becomes the genius loci glue, the lines joining up the dots, while also attempting to articulate and define a sense of place.
Die beskrywing van die genius loci van Namibie word aangevul met veldwyshede en brokkies natuurkundige inligting wat uiteindelik resulteer in 'n versameling leesbare vertellings waarin menslike belang (anders as by Du Plessis se Die perdekombers) nie die enigste geldende belang in die teks is nie.
Visitors can savor the incongruity of such inventions because they are consistent with the genius loci.
Concerned as it is with recapturing the past--in this case, the narrator's days as a militant Maoist revolutionary for "The Cause" in Paris during the '60s and '70s--Proust is a fitting genius loci for Paper Tiger, though here the tone is not one of celebration, however elegiac, for the power of memory and art, but of dissolution and defeat.