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a natural father or mother

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The presence of genotypes 16 and 194 in both selection years is noteworthy; these genotypes can already serve as selected material for future use as cultivars and/or genitors, in general, to improve both sensorial quality and nutraceuticals of the fruit.
The results of this study are interesting for selective breeding programs and the cultured pearl industry as the gonad scarification procedure allows farmers to select genitors on the basis of characters such as inner shell color which is only observable on sacrificed animals and therefore not possible with thermal shock-induced spawning.
It is only in the improbable event that the male and the female in question somehow manage to keep the nature of their relationship secret indefinitely that the knowledge that siblings have different genitors would be 'tacit'.
The number of plants analyzed varied from 6 to 9 among hybrids and from 2 to 10 among genitors, depending on their availability.
Here the father is not one; he is a monster who engenders a monster with no trace of the heroic figures of Abraham or Agamemnon, to name a couple of immolator genitors.
The risk of a fall in the biomass of genitors (thereby endangering the species) led the Council at its December meeting to set an intermediate TAC for 2000 of 16,000 tonnes.
In this case, the apparent selective effects on the allozyme markers are highly dependent on the choice of the genitors in natural populations.
Some, especially the great fertility mothers, but also male genitors, were responsible for creating human life--i.
Some genitors of illegitimate children still provided care to the extent that they were able.
The remaining dual component names are diversely constructed, usually from the clan name of one of the two genitors and the maternal clan of an ancestor, most often a male, connected to Ego patrilineally (two thirds of the cases) or crosswise.
1] generation is phenotypically similar to one of the genitors, that genitor is dominant relative to the other (Griffiths, Wessler, Lewontin, & Caroll, 2016).
Conversely, sexual hybrids could be evaluated and selected for use as new female genitors to obtain better recombinants (AGUILERA et al.
circularisquama occurs, or genitors should be relocated during potential blooming periods.
The cut-off point has been set at 18,000 tonnes, as scientists believe the biomass of genitors should not be allowed to fall below this level.