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a natural father or mother

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The tendency toward violence, arguably genetically influenced, would then be passed from genitor to (non-marital) son.
Chromosome association between the genitor genomes is required to recombine the desirable genes to create genetic variability to be exploited in the breeding program.
Virgin female and male genitor Sprague-Dawley rats were purchased from Taconic Europe (Laven, Denmark) and provided with a rodent experimental diet (KLIBA NAFAG 3250; Provimi Kliba, Kaiseraugst, Switzerland) low in phytoestrogens, with genistein content below the detection limit, as stated by the provider.
It is thus not surprising to see how it takes Aeneas a great deal of prodding from the side of his father to tempt these "thresholds," the potential site of dangers: "Your image, father, your sad image, meeting me so often, drove me to strive after these thresholds" ("tua me, genitor, tua tristis imago/ saepius occurrens haec limina tendere adegit" (lines 695-96).
Which is fundamental in determining "literal" kinship, for example, my likeness to my supposed genitor or my likeness to God, who created me in his image?
The prolix, even rhapsodic prayers of the Gallican rite affirm the theological contextuality of the descensus in which the same humanitatis genitor, Adam, is named as the one extracted"from depths of infernal dirt" by Christ, the one "who descended" as the agent of this blessed release.
Mesmo a notícia da morte do genitor, quando o menino tinha sete anos, é breve, embora o personagem reconheça, noutro momento, que isso o afetara muito.
This prolific genitor casts a spell over a very young girl rumoured to be his own daughter with the same coarsely sensual use of his big toe under the table and similar outrageous muddy threesomes in the mangrove.
The Official Bulletin of State has announced that the term "father" will b e replaced with "Pro genitor A" and "mother" will be rep laced with "Progenitor B".
426-28: "his informatum manibus iam parte polita/fulmen erat, toto genitor quae plurima caelo/deicit in terras, pars imperfecta manebat.
47): she is, all at once and at the same time, mother, daughter, and bride of God, synthesizing in herself, as it were, the Christian Godhead's attributes as creator (God the Father and Mother), Genitor of the second person of the Trinity, as well as the Father's and Son's mutual love; that is, the Holy Spirit.
Et si deus causa est omnium, causa est et [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] in generationem, quippe cum super [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] sit, vicinus cum sit [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] et ut pater eius et genitor.
30am The Cathedral Eucharist, Introit: Cunctipotens genitor, Ireland in C, Sanctus: Tchaikovsky in C, Agnus: Ireland in C.
With the possible exception of a few philosophically inclined moralists who experience outrage and repugnance at the abstract idea of injustice, cruelty, irresponsibility, or self-indulgence, our everyday intuitive moral-emotional sensibilities (of approval or disapproval) are always activated by concrete substantive events (for example, a friend shows up in blue jeans at your daughter's wedding, a child's genitor refuses to be its pater, an American is caned in Singapore, a large mammal is deliberately sacrificed in a scientific experiment, a human corpse is disposed of without a proper burial).