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Synonyms for genitive

serving to express or indicate possession


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Verbs of ruling, for example, take genitive objects; verbs of fearing may appear with the ablative.
For example, OKTAHA is the genitive form of the Russian word for "octane", and according to the US Geographic Names Information System is the name of a populated place in Oklahoma.
Conversely, and more importantly for this article, the specifier function is not always filled by determinatives; it can also be filled by embedded NPs, usually GENITIVE (5) (e.
The genitive of John's walk manifests the agentive absolutive that is part of the valency of walk the verb (the agentive argument is interpreted as acting on itself--to which I return below), and that in John's cough the absolutive of the verb.
notes that the subjective translations are also a valid reading of the genitives in this passage.
The expressions function as manner or cause (or occasionally condition) adverbials and consist of the adessive case form of an action nominalization, a genitive attribute realizing the actor argument of the nominalization, and optional adjectival modifiers (1):
This pattern is illustrated by the genitive/ partitive pairs 'lippude ~ 'lippusid, sadude ~ sadusid and ridade ~ ridasid, which are based on the corresponding partitives 'lippu, sadu and ridu, not on the genitives lipu, saju and 'rea.
Some language experts estimate that only 40 percent of the genitives are strictly possessive.
for its grammar, but I fancy the Romans were more concerned with the genitals than the genitives.
I for one, being convinced in the great age of the Finnic *kalo-id-en and *kala-d-en types of plural genitives, see etymological equivalents of either in Samoyedic languages.
A clear lapsus in this article is the statement that the genitives of Lat.
The choice between these two genitives is not random, but determined by various factors.
Depuydt, "Egyptian 'Split' Genitives and Related Phenomena," Le Museon 112 [1999]: 273-99).
As genitives typically present given information, pronouns are a natural option:
Unlike the case of free genitives, the head of a CS can never carry the definite article, and the definiteness value of the entire CS is determined by that of the genitive DP.