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of or relating to the external sex organs


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Prevalence of con- genitally missing permanent teeth in Iran.
The hapless victim was Canadian David Reimer (originally named Bruce), who, after being genitally mutilated beyond repair during a botched cauterization circumcision, was raised as a girl named "Brenda.
This alternative view would not put pressure on old men to perform genitally and be found wanting, but it would allow them to construct creative, alternative desirable masculine sexual subjectivities.
These studies indicate that heterosexual and bisexual women may become genitally aroused to films depicting sexual activity of any sort, regardless of the sexual orientation of the viewer.
In the Ugandan females-to-male trial, HIV incidence among genitally intact men who waited 10 min after coitus to clean their penis (0.
Another sister in the film states that nuns are sexual beings and that they express their sexuality in their bodies, but through their voices, through sacred chant, rather than genitally.
She had been gang-raped and genitally mutilated in front of her parents.
Wittig debates the metaphysics of substance, but maintains the human subject as the metaphysical scene of influence, is familiarized to the capacity of language to subdue and reject women, disagrees with genitally arranged sexuality intrinsically, and advances the entire duty of the formation to sexual reproduction and its tool, obligatory heterosexuality.
Despite her parents being slightly more lenient than their peers regarding adherence to conventional norms of behavior, she still got a bitter taste of these norms when she was genitally mutilated (sometimes euphemistically called "female circumcision") at the age of six and then was hurried into marriage just as she approached the age of ten.
In terms of bodily mapping, too, we find here instead of Deleuze's and Guattari's "body without organs" an insistently figured body with hypertrophied hands and mouths: for all the reproductive pressure on population, this is a text far more orally then genitally fixated, the optimally albeit regretfully closed hands of parish charity-dispensers checking the perpetually open, hungry mouths of the laboring poor.
According to data collected over twenty years from African and Middle Eastern countries, girls today are three times less likely than their mothers to be genitally mutilated, and the rates of incidence in Benin, the Central African Republic, Iraq, Liberia, and Nigeria have dropped almost in half.
Not only this, but also despite the legislation of deterrent laws prohibiting FGM/C in countries they have immigrated to, still some immigrant communities in diaspora in the North send their daughters to be genitally mutilated, during holydays, in their original home land.
Globally 130 million girls and women are genitally mutilated while 2 million are at risk yearly, with the operation being forced on 6000 girls on a daily basis (3).
Around the world, many women are targeted because of their sexuality: They are genitally mutilated, married off as children, raped with impunity, stoned for "fornication" and other sexual offenses, and told that their desire makes them sinful and worthy of abuse.