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of or relating to the external sex organs


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Moreover, epidemiological data reveal a higher prevalence of HIV infection among circumcised men than genitally intact men in at least seven SSA countries, including Cameroon, Rwanda, Lesotho, Malawi, Tanzania, Ghana, and Swaziland [4,11]
This violation of rights becomes obvious because of the fact that the genitally mutilated girl child grows into adolescent and later into an adult woman with an irreversible condition of an early cutting of her external genitalia without her mature consent.
There, Foucault defines sexuality not as a thing but as a discourse of sexual deviations carefully arranged around genitally centered sexuality.
And it's no wonder she longs for Utah, because the village is menaced by an evil warlord with a name (like much in the performance) not intended for delicate ears, who believes that "the clitoris is evil" The general declares he will destroy the village unless all women are genitally mutilated.
Western, masculinist art history has been obsessed with the female nude, but the image of a contemporary artist as a genitally sexed nude sets off a tireless round of inquisition: what is the meaning of this "obscene" image?
Clean intermittent catheterization in genitally sensate children: patient experience with health related quality of life.
Although mainly a vector-borne disease, Chagas disease also can be acquired by humans through blood transfusions and organ transplantation (2-6), con genitally (from a pregnant woman to her baby) (7), and through oral contamination, e.
The Sligo-based mum of two has been at the centre of controversy since she claimed her daughters could be genitally mutilated if they returned to Africa.
More than 80 per cent of trafficking victims are women and up to 130 million women have been genitally mutilated.
That yearning for connection is expressed not just genitally but with our whole selves, with intellectual and emotional passion.
The pear-tree vision literalizes the polymorphous perversity possible through the liberation of Eros and crucially, also fictionally enacts a racially sensitive version of Marcuse's insight into the sublimation and diminishment of Eros into a genitally centered heterosexuality poisoned by a hierarchical society.
Queen Latifah is helping children who have been genitally mutilated.
Curators Felicity Scott and Mark Wasiuta managed to unearth long-buried video material of hippies frolicking on inflatable structures; drawings, contracts, and communications for building the genitally shaped House of the Century (1972); as well as many other marvels from this architecture collective's past.
Rather, two genitally embodied persons, heterosexual or homosexual, in permanent interpersonal union, who reflect God's constant love and steadfast fidelity, are the determining factor.
Touch is something we lose appreciation for because we view sex as genitally focused.